Math N’ More is an acute mathematics firm, offering educational concierge services, specializing in virtual math tutoring and intervention to ensure grade-level mastery.

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An acute mathematics firm, offering solutions to every problem!

Math N’ More is charged with providing; engaging and FUN equitable and attainable STEA(M) Education! 

K- 12 Math Tutorial (Virtual)

Struggling with homework and assignments? Get support in basic math to algebra, geometry, and beyond. Schedule your tutorial now.

School-Based Instructional Support

We offer support and coaching for teachers, math departments, leadership teams and curriculum teams.

IEPs & 504s Support

The eligibility process can be complicated and overwhelming. We have the dedication to advocate and experience to guide you and your scholar through the process.

Donations & Support

Math N’ More Foundation supports the work of our learners. Please make a mathemagical contribution to ensure we continue to spread math equity.

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Supporting all learners to succeed in mathematics

Math N’ More is an acute mathematics firm, founded in 2020, to support all learners to succeed in mathematics. Since its inception, the firm has maintained its commitment to moving the needle in education for students and providing education advocacy support to families.

Pi Day

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. It’s also an excuse to eat some pie!

All activities are rooted in math, focusing on all things circular and the constant pi. Activities include but are not limited to 

So come celebrate Pi Day with Math N’ More!

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Pi Day is an annual celebration
What to expect on PI Day

Scholars from all over attend Pi Day to engage in fun circular math activities.


It’s not just important to have scholar engagement, you must have teacher and faculty investment as well. Learn how you can engage your school community and develop a math culture.

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