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What we offer for families:

  • Online Math Tutoring (K-12 Math Tutoring) 

    • Baseline assessment review ​

    • Structured study support 

  • IEP & 504
    Support before, during  & after the IEP and 504 development. 

    • Learn the difference between an IEP & 504 plan

    • Find out if your scholar is eligible for an IEP or 504

    • How do I get the school to begin the process? 

    • Is my scholar receiving the right progress monitoring? 

  • College Advising 

    • FAFSA Support ​

    • College Essay Writing - Personal Statement 

    • Letter of Recommendation (if participating in tutoring)

    • College List Creation 

    • & so much more

What we offer for schools:

  • Tutorial Services

    • Saturday Academy 

    • After School Tutoring

    • Intensive Break Course/ Credit Recovery 

  • Math Coaching & Curriculum Support 

    • Build your math teachers' capacity with a school-based coaching plan to support the unique needs of your school.​

  • Culture Support (Events)​​​​
    ​Build Math Culture by: ​

    • Monthly Challenges 

    • Pi Day Event Package (Banners, Posters, T-Shirts, Family engagement night)

    • No Loss only Gains Packets (Spring Break, Winter Break & Summer) 

    • Scholar Data Dig Day

  • IEP & 504 Management 

    • Get guidance and oversight for your school to stay in compliance with scholars' needs per their plan goals.  

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